Peanut Butter is our Jam | Berea Mail

2023-04-05 20:32:15 By : Ms. Laura Huang

AN EPIC-PANACEA study suggests that eating peanut butter reduces a person’s risk of being overweight or obese.

A recent study compared the dietary and lifestyle data of over 373 000 people from 10 countries around the world over five years. It revealed that for over 51 000 women, those who ate peanut butter twice weekly or more experienced slightly less weight gain over an eight-year period than women who rarely ate peanut butter. Dairy Cow Mineral Mix

Peanut Butter is our Jam | Berea Mail

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According to the study, peanut butter provides a good amount of protein, along with essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc.

When selecting a peanut butter product, the study recommends eating homemade peanut butter or looking for one that contains just peanuts and few or no other ingredients.

Eating peanut butter in moderation and as part of an overall healthful diet may provide the following health benefits:

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Peanut Butter is our Jam | Berea Mail

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